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Business Sustainability at Your Fingertips

Integrating Sustainability with Purpose to Bridge the Gap in Business

FD&Y Consultants enhance sustainability by way of forming partnerships with corporations, small businesses, and sole proprietors. Our approach is driven through forward-looking solutions provided to our clients, implementation of developmental skills training for our consultants, and how we address current market gaps disguised as voids. Creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable world for our partners and communities is our number one goal. This includes a narrow lens directed toward economic empowerment and investment in underserved communities to drive more inclusive, sustainable growth bridging the gap in business.


Providing a Top Service

Getting in the game of business and going home a winner!

Strategy Consulting


No matter where your business is right now, growth is a journey we want to travel with you. While your vision may be clear, defining the optimal segments and opportunities for growth and the shortest path to them will require strategy. Strategy in the world of business is an ongoing roadmap.  

Market Research

We apply rigor to gather the facts, and we tell you what they mean, so you can make the right decisions for your company. 



Transaction Advisory

Our clients look to FD&Y Consultants to validate investment hypotheses, profile the landscape of inorganic growth opportunities and evaluate potential transactions. 


On-Going Services

Internet Marketing

Project and Time Management


Web Design

Graphic design

Leadership and Teamwork

Coaching and Personal Performance

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our Consultants Have to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Leadership Coaching • Management Training • Communications Training • Organizational Coaching and Training • Customized Sales and Business Development • Hiring Strategies • Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Resume Writing Services • Professional Head Shots

Accessible from All Locations

Our digital capabilities and e-notary signing services promote global resources allowing FD&Y consultants to assist all clients from one central location. Providing for individuals and businesses the opportunity for growth, development, and sustainability within diverse communities. 


Control, Alt, Delete, and Reset

By control, alt, delete, and resetting the business knowelge of an individual or corporation the opportunity for current research to be applied is made available for ensured growth and continued development. Vigilance is essential, and it starts with leadership. It’s less about what you do, and more about how you do it. It starts with you as a leader taking control over your organization’s future.


Control in a business setting, or organizational control, involves the processes and procedures that regulate, guide, and protect an organization. It is one of the four primary managerial functions, along with planning, organizing, and leading.... Controls start with managing self.


Alternate (Alt)  is considered a modifier that provides alternate input and operations when used in combination with other components to obtain forward-looking solutions to identified problems. 



Delete is used to erase applied or learned information allowing space for the development of new material to be consumed. 


To set again or renew. 


What is it About... FD&Y Consultants?

FD&Y Consultants was established in 2013, in Richmond, Virginia. Possessing the vision of fusing together a dynamic team of consultants with you the individual or corporation to strategize, identify solutions to concerns, and create sustainability needed for long-term profitability.


Why choose FD&Y Consultants?

FD&Y Consultants, invest in building collaborative client relationships that flex, build, and grow to assist in meeting new challenges with confidence, speed, and agility.


FD&Y Consultants provide more than expert, proprietary market data and analysis. In addition, we deliver application-based expertise with the essential information and advance post-acquisition growth initiatives. Our teams work globally and provide the experience and knowledge to successfully build a corporation from a local to a global level. Our transaction cycle places your company on a trajectory toward success.

 Year Established                      On-Going Projects         Projects Completed         Awards Won

2013    | 327  |   971  | 17






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